• Our Financial world is unfair and unjust one. Where those who workless gain and achieve more why those who study and work hard still live in poverty.
• Have u wondered why every rich politician wants to own a bank?
• That is simply because the banker has power over money, and money they say is ‘everything’.
• So, what is money?
• Money is not any "measure of labor". These are fairy tales for idiots. Otherwise you would live like a lord. Or maybe you don’t work much enough? Unfortunately, money is just a tool to hold all of us in slavery. We are all slaves. Slaves of money. More precisely, we are slaves of those, who print money. They are our masters.
• Yes, it is necessary to work, to create something useful for the society. Otherwise the society will degrade and die. But firstly, we have to work voluntarily, not for a plate of rice and not only in order to survive; we have to do what we like!
• The whole financial world is a pyramid!
• How is the financial world organized? It is a pyramid. The Fed the U.S. Federal Reserve System is at the top of it. The Fed creates dollars. How much? As much as they want! Of course, Fed adhere to some of their own internal rules and regulations; they try, for example, not to create too many dollars to prevent complete devaluation of the currency, and etc. But in principle the Fed can create as many dollars as they want. At least, there are no any external limitations for that. Absolutely! The U.S. Fed is guided solely by the reasons of expediency.
• The lower levels of this global pyramid are the central banks of different countries; all other local national banks are situated on even lower levels.
• You might be wondering why I use dollar for illustration.
• After all, dollar is the global currency. No one Central Bank can print its currency in desirable quantity without permission of the U.S. Fed! It is out of question! By no means! As soon as some country supplied its resources to the USA for a billion dollars (exchanged its actual raw stock for a wagon of colored pieces of paper with the pictures of great American presidents), then it will be allowed to print the local currency in the amount of billion dollars. Now it is permitted, and this is the only way. Otherwise, such a country will be turned out from the IMF, its currency will become inconvertible and so on. In short, the measures will be taken immediately.
• How does a bank actually function to pay all its workers in all its branches all over a country, buy assets and pays its rent every month? Do u think all these billions of dollars spent every month comes from the bank charges or interest on loans given every month? Think my friend, think!
• Let's figure out quietly and without haste. But you have to strain your brains. It's not easy to unravel in a couple of minutes those things which have been tangled during the centuries by the best sophisticated minds of mankind, seeking only wealth accumulation for their personal needs.
• Let’s make an example. Let it be BEN and MATTHEW. And let it be DESMOND, a banker of Ben and Matthew. They both keep their money in his bank. Ben really wants to buy ….well, let's say, Mattew’s bicycle. But he has no money. More precisely, he has money, but not enough — only $10, while Matthew wants as much as $100 for his precious bicycle. That is a problem!
• What is Ben going to do? He gives Matthew his $10 as a deposit and asks not to sell the bike to anyone. He says that he will bring the remaining sum soon. In the meantime he runs to his bank, to the respected Desmond, to get a loan for the missing $90.
• As ill luck Desmond has no money at this moment, but he knows perfectly about $10, which Ben gave Matthew. And where will matthew bring this money to? That's right, he will put these $10 in his lovely bank, to the same Desmond. Therefore Desmond asks Ben to come back tomorrow. In the hope that tomorrow he will get this $10.
• The next day matthew brings $10 to the bank, the bank provides Ben these $10 on credit.
• Ben immediately gives them matthew, who again puts them in a bank, the bank again provides Ben these $10 on credit, etc. As long as Ben the fool will gather enough money for the bicycle.
• So what do we have in the end? Benfinally got the bike from Matthew, but at the same time Ben owes $90 to the bank (Desmond), and the bank, in its turn, owes $100 to Matthew.
• In other words, those $10, which were existed initially, have magically turned into $200 ($190 of debts plus real $10)!
• So, what happens in today’s world!? It appears that banks also "draw" money without problems?! Not only Fed can produce money, but the banks also! And in fact, these banks multiply money without any control! And we're still wondering, why does the banker live better? Is it clear now, why? The one, who produces the money, of course, lives better!
• Yes, but you can object reasonably that the bank itself owes $100 to Matthew. And it turns out, that bank is in credit bondage to Ben and it won’t be able to repay its debts owed to Matthew either. So where is the bank’s profit? What's the trick?
• Ha! You ask what the trick is! This trick is in the fact, that bank has a lot of such "Matthew", thousands and millions, and they will never come for their money all at once. If one Matthew comes, the bank will return him the money of ten other depositors, that's it. It means that the bank’s debt is neither dangerous nor burdensome. In fact, bank’s debt is virtual, it exists only on the paper or in the computer program. It will never be repaid in reality. Only in case of panic it happens, when frightened "Matthew" suddenly come for their money — all at once! Or maybe you know any other reason why banks go bankrupt from time to time? Here's why. Because there is no enough money for all depositors! There is a 90% of thin air in the bank vaults.
• This is clearer during festive periods when the withdrawer becomes higher than the depositors. Then most banks cling on the excuse of network problem while out of their numerous ATMs only one pays. Then the question is, what network does the ATM operate on that is different from the network the same bank uses.
• Thus, the bank is OK. It sails before the whirlwind.

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